Solving the Industry’s Problems by Creating a Third Generation (G3) Dental Implant System

1.Peri-implantitis - development of infections around the implant
Reduce Clinical Treatment times for dental implant procedures

3. Bite force overloads
4.High Cost

5. Create a greater pool of candidates for single surgery implant procedures

Founded in 2008, Opencell Biomedical .

Opencell Biomedical is a medical device designer and manufacturer specializing in innovative designs merging proprietary biomedical materials with human cell biology The company is developing a unique line of dental implants and related products for sale worldwide. It is differentiated by its proprietary paradigm shift surface coating/material TI-FOAM™ and nanotechnology bone protein used as the bone to implant interface enabling dental implant systems greater short and long term stability with a minimally invasive technique compared to traditional dental implant systems.